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Our experienced Pest Control technicians in Brighton & Hove cover a wide range of pest issues. This page looks at some of the less common pests we can deal with. 

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Rapid response pest control services in Brighton & Hove council areas offering same-day call-outs where possible.

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Our Pest Treatments are guaranteed for TWO months after we have eradicated the issue. We don’t stop until the pests are gone.

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All our vans are unmarked – ensuring a discreet service – and we operate with minimum fuss and disruption to your day.

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Pests don’t tend to stick to Mon-Fri, 9-5, so nor do we. We can come out evenings or weekends – at a time to suit for no extra cost.

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Our Pest Treatments are fast-acting and safe to others sharing the environment – with eradication guaranteed.

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As part of the Borough Pest Control businesses we a full-servicing members of the BPCA – ensuring you get a high quality service.

false widow spider pest control in Brighton

Spider Pest Control in Brighton

Spiders are a lot of people’s biggest fear – but here in the UK we are quite lucky in that there are hardly any spiders that can cause us physical harm. 

The False Widow Spider – (so called given it’s looks of the deadly Black Widow Spider) is a spider though that is based here predominantly in the south of England, and whilst not deadly, it’s bite can pack a bit of a punch.

With similarity in potency to a wasp sting the chances of it being fatal are next to none – but it’s certainly not a guest you would want to share your property with – particularly if it is gathered in significant numbers. 

Luckily, our trained pest control technicians have had experience in safely dealing with this troublesome pest. If you think you have an issue with False Widow Spiders, we’ll happily come take a look.

Mites /Fleas Pest Control in Brighton

Mites and fleas live on the host (often pets and other animals) and they can leave itchy, irritating bites. 

The real massive issue in dealing with mites and fleas though is their sheer high rate of re-productivity – meaning the many DIY products on offer a temporary restbite. 

If you have an infestation of fleas or mites then really it will only be the expertise and experience of someone having done it hundreds of times, that will know what treatments to use and how to ensure complete eradication. 

The is people like our highly-trained, fully qualified pest technicians. 


false widow spider pest control in Brighton
pest control for flies in Brighton & Hove

Fly Pest Control in Brighton

We all know how to swat a fly, but when you have an infestation of flies then you can have a real problem on your hands. 

Flies carry lots of diseases and are particularly prone to passing these on through contaminating foodstuffs. 

Our fly pest control services use treatments which are environmentally friendly, but our main focus is on prevention in the first place. 

Whether your home is infested or you have a business where health and good hygiene is paramount, our pest control experts are on-hand to make sure there are no flies on you! 


100% Eradication Guarantee

The prices we quote for our Woodworm Pest Control service is based on either a survey and/or a full treatment course and not just per visit – ensuring there are no hidden surprise costs!

payments for pest control in Brighton

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Excellent Company !
I contacted the company on a Sunday afternoon and they came out the following day. Declan was brilliant and so knowledgeable. He kept me informed on when he was arriving and took time to answer all my questions.
I cannot recommend these guys highly enough. Thanks Declan and your team

— Alison Stirling

The team at Brighton Pest Control couldn’t be any more helpful and friendly. I wouldn’t ever call anyone else now. I’m so glad I did my research and read the reviews. The best by far and the only one I would recommend to family and friends. I honestly can’t recommend him highly enough.

— Helen Edwards

Declan deserves a thousand stars – not just 5. Fantastic service. Highly recommended. He made me feel at ease with the sheer amount of knowledge he has! A true expert. Thank goodness we called Brighton Pest Control. Declan and his team are genuinely nice people who want to get the problem sorted for you.

— Mikaela Ruddell

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